Building a clay pigeon remote using open hardware (Intro)

A few years ago, myself and a friend purchased a trap from a shooting school that was closing down (North Yorkshire Shooting School).  It came with a basic button switch that released the traps which in essence did the trick in that it released the clays. Nice and simple.

However, we thought about a remote one which allowed for delays, preprogrammed sets and randomly thrown sets. After some searching online we quickly found out these were quite expensive which prompted me to look into alternatives.

As I’d had a play with Arduino microcontrollers before it seemed like the perfect project to learn more about the device and hopefully create a complete product that does the basics but has bells and whistles too.

It’s quite close to being complete now so I thought I’d do a few blogs about some of the key steps involved in its development to demonstrate the progression and hopefully knock out some useful information for anyone interested in developing their own devices. So stay tuned!

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